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    United States Dollar-Best Exchange Rates Comparison for Canadian Banks and Currency Converter,CAD,USD,Forex,RBC,BMO,HSBC,TD
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    When you exchange foreign currency it is important to find the cheapest and best way to exchange currency This post evaluates all of your options for buying foreign currency
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    As a result of a recent trip, I have a number of euros that I wanted to convert to Canadian dollars I thought it would be interesting to take a look at different options to convert the money and determine what the different conversion rates are and if it is worthwhile to try to get a lower rate
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    Most credit cards charge a 2 5% transaction fee on top of the exchange rate on US-dollar and other foreign currency transactions There are a few credit cards that currently do not charge this fee; they are all Chase-issued cards:
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    Ever since Chase closed all their accounts in Canada, there has been much debate about which is the best credit card with no foreign transaction fees Although there are quite a few cards to choose from, there’s no clear winner since every card has different features which appeal to some, but not all
  • A Free Adjusted-Cost Base (ACB) Capital Gains Tracker . . .
    @Slacker: I thought about that but I think one concern would be how to obtain exchange data The Bank of Canada website has it but I’m not sure if it can be freely reused

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