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  • Credit Agreement - SEC. gov
    CREDIT AGREEMENT by a majority of the then-Continuing Directors or such other director receives the vote of the Permitted Holders in his or her election by the stockholders of Holdings “ Contractual Obligation ” means, as to any Person, any provision of any security issued by such Person or of any agreement,
  • Credit Agreement - SEC. gov
    CREDIT AGREEMENT dated as of June 20, 2014 (the “Agreement”), among J C PENNEY COMPANY, INC (“Holdings”), J C PENNEY CORPORATION, INC (“Parent Borrower”), J C PENNEY PURCHASING CORPORATION (“Purchasing”), the lenders listed on the signature pages hereof or pursuant to any joinder hereto or through an assignment as Revolving Lenders or Term
    Section 1 1 Definitions For purposes of this definition, a Lender shall be deemed to hold a Swingline Loan or a Letter of Credit Liability to the extent such Lender has acquired a participation therein under the terms of this Agreement and has not failed to perform its obligations in respect of such participation
  • Credit card agreement database
    Credit card issuers are generally required to post the credit card agreements that they offer to the public on their websites, with limited exceptions If you are an issuer, email CardAgreements@consumerfinance gov for agreement submission instructions
  • Amended and Restated Credit Agreement (Executed)
    AMENDED RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT AMENDED RESTATED CREDIT AGREEMENT (this “ Agreement ”), dated as of July 24, 2009 and effective as of July 10, 2009 (the “ Effective Date ”), between the Borrower set forth on Exhibit A (the “ Borrower ”), and the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY (the “Lender”)
  • Whiting Petroleum Corporation – Credit Agreements – BamSEC
    from 8-K 39 pages Third Amendment to Sixth Amended and Restated Credit Agreement Dated as of March 25, 2016 Among Whiting Petroleum Corporation, as Parent Guarantor, Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation , as Borrower, Jpmorgan Chase Bank, n a , as Administrative Agent, and the Lenders Party Hereto First Amendment to Amended and Restated Guaranty and Collateral Agreement Dated as of March 25, 2016 Made by Whiting Petroleum Corporation, Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation and Each of the Other Obligors
  • Credit agreements in South Africa - Wikipedia
    Credit agreement An agreement is a credit agreement if it provides for a deferral or delay of payment, and if there is a fee or interest charged for the deferred payment The Act does not require that a credit agreement be in writing and signed by both parties, although this is implied throughout the Act
  • Credit Card Agreements Surveys | Consumer Financial . . .
    Credit card agreements and surveys Explore our databases about credit cards, including general credit card agreements and college credit card marketing agreements View survey data and data around the Credit CARD Act

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