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  • Elsevier - Wikipedia
    History Elsevier was founded in 1880 and adopted the name and logo from the Dutch publishing house Elzevir that was an inspiration and has no connection to the contemporary Elsevier The Elzevir family operated as booksellers and publishers in the Netherlands; the founder, Lodewijk Elzevir (1542–1617), lived in Leiden and established the business in 1580
  • Wikipedia:Elsevier ScienceDirect - Wikipedia
    TWL is interested in having guest bloggers Guest blogging gives the opportunity for both The Wikipedia Library and Elsevier to profile our partnership, and it gives the guest bloggers a new platform to share their editing experience with others (which is good for the Wikimedia community)
  • Elsevier (magazine) - Wikipedia
    Elsevier Weekblad is a Dutch weekly news magazine With a circulation of over 68,000 copies as of 2018, it is the Netherlands' most popular news magazine Its chief editor is Arendo Joustra Elsevier Weekblad focuses mainly on politics, international affairs and business
  • RELX Group - Wikipedia
    RELX Group was previously known as Reed Elsevier The company announced the change of the operating company's name to RELX Group in February 2015 Reed Elsevier came into being in 1992, following the merger of Reed International, a British trade book and magazine publisher, and Elsevier, a Netherlands-based scientific publisher
  • Elsevier access donations help Wikipedia editors improve . . .
    Elsevier and The Wikipedia Library team are reviewing these and have agreed to expand the program in the coming months so more editors can benefit from the service Jake Orlowitz, Head of The Wikipedia Library, commented on the importance of quality sources for open knowledge:
  • List of Elsevier periodicals - Wikipedia
    This is a list of scientific, technical and general interest periodicals published by Elsevier or one of its imprints or subsidiary companies Both printed items and electronic publications are included in this list
  • Talk:Elsevier - Wikipedia
    The Elsevier Foundation supports libraries in developing countries, women scientists and nursing facilities In 2016 Elsevier's not-for-profit Elsevier Foundation committed $1m a year, for 3 years, to programmes encouraging diversity in science, technology and medicine and promoting science research in developing countries
  • Elsevier Biobase - Wikipedia
    Elsevier BIOBASE is a bibliographic database covering all topics pertaining to biological research throughout the world It was established in the 1950s in print format as Current Awareness in Biological Sciences Temporal coverage is from 1994 to the present The database has over 4 1 million records as of December 2008

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