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  • Exchange rates - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    Pretty much all merchants in Cancun and surrounding areas will change money too, but keep in mind, they make up their own exchange rates Right now as I type the rate on the OANDA app, is 19 75-1 Right now as I type the rate on the OANDA app, is 19 75-1
  • Exchange rate - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    What is the exchange rate at the moment for pound sterling to mexican peso? The best im finding in the uk is 24 300 Would it be best to change in the uk? Or cancun? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
  • exchange rates - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    exchange rates Sep 14, 2014, 12:36 PM I am going to Cancun in 8 weeks and am wondering wether to change my GBP into MXN here or wait till I get there to see if the exchange rate is better?
  • Exchange rate - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    If they don't charge one an ATM is definitely your best rate Also the rate your hotel charges on March 21 may be less or more then the 17 95 If you only want a couple hundred dollars worth of pesos then just get them at your bank However if you intend to get 500 or 1,000 dollars worth then getting the best rate is worth more
  • US dollar exchange rate in Cancun - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    The local cambios (exchange houses ) are around 18 to 1 The international rate as cancunone states is much higher (but you won't get that - you can get closer with ATMs) Airports hotels give LOUSY rates so I don't even look at those
  • Exchange rates - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    Answer 1 of 8: Does anyone know if you get a better rate getting pesos from an ATM in Mexico than from currency exchange in Canada prior to trip? Any recent experience, issues? Thanks
  • Exchange rate - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    The current bank rate is about 18 2 pesos to the USD If you want to know the rate used by money changers, it's about 17 pesos to the USD Mr is right, it jumped by about 1 peso to the dollar in the last couple days Should probably buy some pesos now that it's that high
  • exchange rate - Cancun Forum - TripAdvisor
    We usually use USD down in Cancun and don't exchange much - but if you decide to do it in Cancun, there is a mall across the street from Riu Cancun that has an exchange kiosk - you can better rates than exchanging at the hotel Be sure to bring your passport to do the exchange

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