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  • Finally assembled a Rig for my Navy G Date
    I bought this matching Nordsee marked G date a couple of years ago (some of you will remember seeing a post I made about it) When I first bought it, it came with an Imperial Navy wood bottomed magazine, a converted Reichsrevolver holster and no tool First, I found a proper E 211 magazine only 2 units away from my gun (3432d; my gun is 3430d)
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    All, I have an opportunity to purchase a WWII wooden box marked "P 08 m Tasche" It appears to be an authentic piece From what little research I have been able to conduct these seem like a pretty scarce item Does anyone have a ballpark idea on what one of these might be worth? I can send photos by PM if anyone thinks they might be able to help me out
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    My Figure Collection 2015 March Update My collection is not that huge(yet) LOL I have incoming pre-orders for my One Piece Collection and Funko Pop collection so I'll update again once they arrive Long time no blog post :( I am really not good with keeping my blog up to date because of #adultlife Anyways, I watched Switchfoot
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    First Para, I was not referring to you or your collection when I made my comments Just want to make sure u know that Second, I agree that collections can be very subjective, and personal taste interests can cause collections to manifest into extensions of the owner
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    I discovered that Photoshop has a bunch of LUT tables built in and wanted to use them in my UE4 scenes, so I went about exporting them all out, and I thought I would share the fruits of my labor with everybody I have two links below The first is the LUT Pack in uasset form, created in UE 4 0 2 for maximum compatibility
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    Start date Mar 13, 2016; Tags Backup External Hard Drive Storage Western Digital; Sidebar Sidebar Forums Mar 14, 2016 #4 I seem to have fixed it uninstalled WD Backup and deleted a collection of registry entries and files After reinstalling it started fine (the only downside is it removes all previous configurations and backup plans
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    Yeah, I'm going to hopefully be getting all my guys a new wonderful horse That is, if it doesn't have a bunch of flowers sticking out of it's butt Or if it doesn't have a pick-nick basket precariously balanced on its rump

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