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  • Problem gambling and the circumstances facing older people . . .
    Problem gambling and the circumstances facing older people : A study of gaming machine players aged 60+ in licensed clubs Article (PDF Available) in Journal of Gambling Behavior 24(2):151-74
  • Problem Gambling and the Circumstances Facing Older People . . .
    Problem Gambling and the Circumstances Facing Older People Abstract Local gambling venues are an important contemporary context for older people’s gambling in many parts of the world typically being more accessible to this segment of the population than traditional, centralised gambling venues, such as casinos
  • Problem Gambling and the Circumstances Facing Older People
    Problem Gambling and the Circumstances Facing Older People A Study of Gaming Machine Players Aged 60+ in Licensed Clubs Jenni Southwell Æ Paul Boreham Æ Warren Laffan Published online: 25
  • Gambling and older people in Australia - McCormack - 2003 . . .
    Older problem gamblers similarly appear to have less serious problems than younger groups although there is a small group with quite severe problems as a result of gambling There are more older female problem gamblers in counselling than males, but older men present more serious problems
  • Unexpected online gambling disorder in late-life: a case . . .
    Prevalence of gambling disorder in the elderly Gambling disorder (GD) is the persistence and recurrence of problematic gambling behavior, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress The lifetime prevalence of GD is estimated at around 0 4–1 0% (American Psychiatric Association, 2013 ), while that in the elderly (over 60 years old)
  • High Risk Recreation — Problem Gambling In Older Adults
    In some ways, the risks of problem gambling for older adults are the same as those faced by younger gamblers—a sudden, devastating loss of financial security and accompanying legal troubles But older adults with gambling problems also have unique risks
  • Problem Gambling in a Sample of Older Adult Casino . . .
    As older adults continue to make up a greater proportion of the Canadian population, it becomes more important to understand the implications that their leisure activities have for their physical and mental health Gambling, in particular, is a form of leisure that is becoming more widely available and has important implications for the mental health and financial well-being of older adults
  • Piliwaiwai: Problem Gambling in Hawai‘i
    Although there is a lack of empirical research on problem gambling in Hawai‘i, the National Council of Problem Gambling estimated the social and financial damage from problem gambling in Hawai‘i could be as high as $26,300,000 7 Furthermore, each problem gambler can potentially cost society $1,200 each year 8 In addition to these costs, problem gamblers often suffer from other addictions, mental illness, and medical problems, 9 which place a high burden on the healthcare system 10

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