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  • History of Basilicata Italy | Italian Genealogy Basilicata
    History of Basilicata Italy is the fourth in a series by Italian Genealogy on the distinct regions of Italy Basilicata lies between Puglia and Campania History of Basilicata Italy is the fourth in a series by Italian Genealogy on the distinct regions of Italy Basilicata lies between Puglia and Campania Ancient history
  • Basilicata - Wikipedia
    Geography Basilicata is the most mountainous region in the south of Italy, with 47% of its area of 9,992 km 2 (3,858 sq mi) covered by mountains Of the remaining area, 45% is hilly, and 8% is made up of plains Notable mountains and ranges include Monte Alpi, Monte Carmine, Dolomiti lucane, Monti Li Foj, Pollino,
  • History of Vaglio Basilicata - Italy This Way
    History of the Italian town of Vaglio Basilicata Early history of Vaglio Evidence shows that Serra di Vaglio - the original town on the site of Vaglio Basilicata, was the capital, political and military settlement of the Lucanians (see etymology below) The city of Serra di Vaglio developed from the 8th to the 3rd century BC
  • History of Basilicata - Lonely Planet Travel Information
    History Basilicata spans Italy ’s instep with slivers of coastline touching the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas It was known to the Greeks and Romans as Lucania (a name still heard today) after the Lucani tribe who lived here as far back as the 5th century BC The Greeks also prospered here, settling along the coastline at Metapontum and Erakleia,
  • History of the Jews in Campania and Basilicata - Wikipedia
    The History of the Jews in Campania and Basilicata is at least 2000 years old This area, which is a mix of mountains and rich fertile plains, is south of Rome but north of Calabria and Apulia Most of the Jewish communities were settled in the Roman Era by Jewish merchants or by Jewish captives after the fall of Jerusalem in the year 70
  • Basilicata History Guide | Greek Lucanians Basilicata . . .
    Basilicata History Explore cities in this region Matera Potenza The Greeks reached the Ionian Coast between the 8th and the 7th century BC and founded the prestigious colonies of Metaponto , Siris , and Heraclea , whose archaeological remains still communicate the wonders of their splendid past
  • Basilicata Region, Italy
    History: Antiquity The State Road Basentana was built, connecting Potenza and the Salerno-Reggio Calabria to Metaponto and to State road 106 Taranto- Sibari, and along the new roads a modern industrial area especially in the chemical sector started to develop This new situation, however, has further marginalized the small communities of inner Basilicata
  • APT Basilicata: History
    History The very ancient land known as Basilicata was already inhabited in the prehistoric age The settlements of Venosa and the Bradano Valley date from the Paleolithic period while the organized agricultural villages around Matera and Melfi sprang up during the Neolithic period From that time until the Bronze Age

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