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  • The Linux-IrDA Project List irda-users Archives
    I'm a linux user since many years I bought a new infrared usb dongle on the internet and I have been trying to install it on linux (kernel 2 6 and 3 0)
  • The Linux-IrDA Project List irda-users Archives
    I have bought three Actisys RS 232 adapters and it seems > > > that the Linux IrDA implementation just takes all three of them as > > > a big one E g I have the same phenomena that once one IrCOMM > > > connection is active on any one, a second connection is not > > > possible
  • irda-users List Signup and Options - lists. sourceforge. net
    Welcome to the Linux-IrDA project The overall goal of this project is to make an implementation of the IrDA (tm) standards specifications for the… irda-users List Signup and Options
  • Linux-IrDA Project - Development
    This is the last Linux-IrDA update for 2 4 X, no more updates are planned The IrDA stack in 2 5 X contains a large number of fixes and improvement over what is available in 2 4 X (list below), and this is where new development is happening so you are welcome to try it Usually later version are better
  • Kernel - Linux Documentation Project
    2 2 1 Preface Please read the Kernel-HOWTO from TLDP to get more information about the compilation process Thomas Hertweck has written another useful Linux-Kernel-HOWTO (but it is only available in German and Italian) Check the Linux IrDA Project or the Linux IrDA mailing list archives for latest patches You'll find the Linux IrDA Kernel code in:
  • Linux-IrDA quick tutorial - hpl. hp. com
    Linux-IrDA The Linux IrDA project is an Open Source projects to develop an generic IrDA stack for Linux that has many contributors all over the world I did contribute many bug fixes and enhancement to it since 1999 thanks to Hewlett Packard sponsoring my work The list of patches is too long to put here ;-) Let's face it, one of the main roadblock to the use of e-Squirt is getting the IrDA
  • Linux Infrared HOWTO - Linux Documentation Project
    Please don't expect every feature working straight yet As far as I know Linux IrDA is the only open source IrDA implementation available Remote Control (RC) via infrared is the aim of the Linux Infrared Remote Control - LIRC project, and also described in this HOWTO
  • Linux-IrDA Project - Resources
    Resources Here is a list of all the IrDA resources I could find Please send me more links Next pages from this sections will guide you on Internet places where you can find companies which support IrDA, chipsets, IrDA dongles and adapters and, of course, devices which feature IrDA conectivity

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