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Historical Exchange Rates


2005/12/10 Historical Exchange Rates


Notes: Exchange Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

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canadian exchange rate news:
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    Yes, US dollars are widely accepted, as a favour to all the American tourists There is still an exchange rate involved, but it's convenient for the tourist not to have to exchange their money before going shopping But if you aren't American, and have to pay an exchange rate just to get those American dollars, it's not a favour to you
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  • TALEO CORP (Form: S-1 A, Received: 09 15 2005 12:10:42)
    Any fluctuation in the exchange rate of these foreign currencies may negatively affect our business, financial condition and operating results For example, in 2004, the Canadian dollar increased in value by approximately 8% over the U S dollar on an average annual basis
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    FORWARD EXCHANGE DEFINITION The purchase and sale of the currency of the United States and of foreign countries at a fixed rate for a later delivery and payment by Borrower under contract(s) ordered through means acceptable to Bank GOVERNING LAW
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