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Historical Exchange Rates


2009/09/26 Historical Exchange Rates


Notes: Exchange Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

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canadian exchange rate news:
  • What is the current conversion rate of USD to JPY?
    The current rate is at 1 dollar being equivalent to 101 54 Japanese yen Be wary of fluctuations in rates however, because these markets are volatile
  • How much one dollars Canadian money - answers. com
    At 30 07 2014: 1 CAD = 0,68827 euro = 0,92418 US $
  • News about the International Forex Xchange
    USD CAD closed the week at 1 0913 from a rather neutral price from Thursday, but a much higher rate than as of Monday, when it was traded at 1 0725 If you want to comment on the Canadian dollar’s recent action or have any questions regarding this currency, please, feel free to reply below
  • Manuela Francisco | IDEAS RePEc
    Manuela Francisco Paulo Correa Mariam Dayoub, 2007 "Exchange Rate Pass-Through in ASEAN: Identifying Supply-Side Constraints to Export Performance in Ecuador: An Exercise with Investment Climate Survey Data," NIPE Working Papers 1 2007, NIPE - Universidade do Minho Correa, Paulo Dayoub, Mariam Francisco, Manuela, 2007
  • Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc Newmont Completes . . .
    Cornerstone is listed in Canada, in Germany and in United States of America Its market capitalisation is CA$ 70 4 millions as of today (US$ 52 3 millions, € 46 7 millions) Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on June 01, 2001 at CA$ 2 70, and its lowest recent point on March 04, 2016 at CA$ 0 02
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    Williams College is a private liberal arts college in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States It was established in 1793 with funds from the estate of Ephraim Williams, a colonist from the Province of Massachusetts Bay who was killed in the French and Indian War in 1755
  • US20080071670A1 - patents. google. com
    US20080071670A1 - patents google com
  • Shigeyuki Hamori | IDEAS RePEc
    Youngho Chang Zheng Fang Shigeyuki Hamori, 2017 "Volatility and Causality in Strategic Commodities: Characteristics, Myth and Evidence," International Journal of Economics and Finance, Canadian Center of Science and Education, vol 9(8), pages 162-178, August Xiao Jing Cai Shuairu Tian Shigeyuki Hamori, 2017
  • www. sec. gov
    This guidance requires issuers of convertible debt instruments that may be settled wholly or partially in cash upon conversion to separately account for the liability and equity components in a manner reflective of the issuers' nonconvertible debt borrowing rate
  • List of banks acquired or bankrupted in the United States . . .
    This is a list of banks in the United States affected by the financial crisis of 2007–08 The list includes banks (including commercial banks, investment banks, and savings and loan associations) that have: been taken over or merged with another financial institution, been declared insolvent or liquidated, or

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