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Best Currency Exchange Rate in Canada

Best Exchange Rates Comparison among Canadian Banks

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INR Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

360 day chart, 1 INR =? CAD
INR Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph


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Historical CAD Exchange Rates


canadian exchange rate news:
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    The table currently shows historical exchange rates for Indian Rupees per 1 Canadian Dollar Invert the table to see Canadian Dollars per 1 Indian Rupee Export to Excel Export this data to a CSV file which can be imported by Microsoft Excel Current Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates View current exchange rates for the Canadian Dollar
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    Best exchange rate comparsion for canadian bank ,Fx,Forex, currency converter Swiss Franc(CHF) To Indian Rupee(INR) Exchange Rate on 31 Dec 2017 (31 12 2017) This page shows the exchange rate of Swiss Franc (CHF) To Indian Rupee (INR) on 31 Dec 2017 (31 12 2017) If you would like to view the current exchange rate of the currency pair
  • Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupee Exchange Rate and Fees
    Learn the current Canadian Dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rate and the cost when you send money to India with Remitly Select a country below to see Remitly's pricing India Two different ways to send Great rates, every single day Exchange rate Fees Transfer speed; Remitly Express ₹50 69 Everyday rate
Indian Rupee(INR) Exchange Rate against Canadian Dollar
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INR Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

Notes: Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

Latest 2-Month INR/CAD Graph & Chart (Appreciation 1.05%)
Indian Rupee Graph & Chart

Latest 6-Month INR/CAD Graph & Chart (Depreciation -1.58%)
Indian Rupee Graph & Chart

Latest 1-Year INR/CAD Graph & Chart (Appreciation 1.58%)
Indian Rupee Graph & Chart

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