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Historical Exchange Rates


2005/11/20 Historical Exchange Rates


Notes: Exchange Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

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canadian exchange rate news:
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    I bought some pesos at the airport exchange booth just before Christmas, and got about 9 pesos per Canadian dollar I just looked up my bank's exchange rate, and it's about 8 40 pesos per dollar
  • Metro for Dummies - Montreal Forum - TripAdvisor
    Usually the exchange rate you get from paying with American dollars in Canada is not favourable - it's done as a favour to you, the visitor, but you usually lose $$$ on it As well, when you pay for an item with American dollars and need to get change back, the change will always be in Canadian dollars
  • Canadian drugs? - OKCTalk
    Henry wants to make Canadian drugs more accessible for Oklahomans Personally, I agree! If the drug companies can sell their drugs for cheaper in Canda, why can't they here? It's price gouging if you ask me Maybe such a measure would bring the cost of drugs down in the US
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    JSE Interest Rate Derivatives Market YLDX Sudan Khartoum Stock Exchange SDKSE XKHA 2008-06-14 14:00:00 Canadian Securities Exchange CACNQ XCNQ ICE Futures Canada IFCA The Montreal Exchange Bourse De Montreal XMOD United States Dollar UYU Uruguayan Peso UZS Uzbekistan Som VEF Venezuelan Bolívar Fuerte VND Vietnamese Dong VUV
  • ITScam: SCO Chair David Wilson And Scotia Capital - Small . . .
    Actually Don, now that the canadian dollar has risen to a 15 year high it is the ideal time to convert to foreign holdings You finally get a fair exchange rate and as a result realize more foreign currency for your C$ assets When the C$ is low you get screwed on your assets Now actually is the time to sell them
  • Vox Popoli: Financial nuke or dud?
    Also, the USDHKD exchange rate is approaching the peg limit At some point, speculators may begin a run on the HK dollar and HK will be forced to sink their economy (pop their housing bubble) by hiking interest rates, burn through dollar reserves, or break the peg This situation is an outgrowth of China's dollar problems
  • Ashok Mishra | W. P. Carey School of Business
    The Brunt of Oil Demand and US-Dollar Exchange Rate: Evidence from Net-Oil Importing Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa Selected paper presented at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association 2015 Annual Meetings, Atlanta, GA, January 31-Feb 3, 2015
  • Completing the French Connection(The reasoning behind the . . .
    From the beginning of the oil-for-food program in1996, France ranked third overall with $3 1 billion in trade Iraq’s move to the euro smoothed out and even reversed its declining exchange rate By 2001 the euro had gained 25% against the dollar to approximately USD$1 05 for one Euro
  • James Turk: More confirmation for golds bull market . . .
    There's a big difference in the growth rate between the U S and Europe, and there's a big differential in interest rates between the U S and Europe Gold is going to rise against the dollar and the euro and the yen, which it has been doing for quite a while, but it has been doing it quietly, so most people aren't even aware of it
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    Bill C-43 (Historical) Budget Implementation Act, 2005 Massive layoffs have begun in the United States We have seen layoffs in my community of Windsor and in the communities in the riding of Essex We have seen them across Ontario June 20th, 2005 11:20 p m See context Liberal

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