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Historical Exchange Rates


2008/04/12 Historical Exchange Rates


Notes: Exchange Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

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canadian exchange rate news:
  • Why an $11 book costs $50 on eBay | The Star
    The exchange rate is adjusted regularly, based on market conditions, and includes a 2 5 per cent fee above the rate at which PayPal obtains foreign currency The 2 5 per cent fee is retained by
    (The April, July October publications contain data for selected locations which submitted new surveys or were adjusted for exchange rate fluctuations since the previous publication ) Country and City Survey Date Effective Date Exchange Rate Foreign Unit Family Status Rate ($90,699 and Above) Rate ($52,979 to $90,698) Rate
  • The Union News. : 4 12 08
    The Detroit-based auto parts supplier had rejected a union proposal this week, calling it “disappointing ” The company contended the “all-in” labor costs proposed by the UAW were “still approximately 200 percent of the market rate of [American Axle’s] competitors in the United States automotive supply industry ”
  • Cédric Tille | IDEAS RePEc
    Cédric Tille, 1998 "Decomposition of the Unemployment Gap between Canada and the United States: Duration or Incidence?," Canadian Public Policy, University of Toronto Press, vol 24(s1), pages 90-102, February Chapters Cédric Tille, 2012
  • Statism Watch | Everything About Canada
    In their report, From Vision to Action: Advancing the Canada — United States Partnership, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) issued a wide range of proposals as part of the public consultation process regarding negotiations on a trade and perimeter security agreement
  • Your turn: Revisiting the conversion conversation - Screen . . .
    I wasn't wanting to try and start a rally for Australian gaming prices to be put on par with the United States, when looking over the figures when the Australian dollar is paying 75c into every US dollar the difference levels out to 10% which is actually a fairer figure i will admit
  • A fishing expedition in the Mekong Delta: Market . . .
    Downloadable! In this paper the Vietnamese fresh water fish product market is examined, using time series data from An Giang province in Vietnam, for the period from January 2004 to December 2005 Daily price volatility is analyzed using univariate Generalised Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (GARCH) Subsequently, a Vector Autoregressive Model (VAR) is used to estimate the
  • Mk2 spotting scope value - milsurps. com
    I've been tracking the auctions for a few years Got lots of info on sale prices and condition to fall back on I'd think US$600 should be about top dollar (our exchange rate from Oz ain't good at present) but some that sell for $350 are too expensive for what they are
  • VWVortex. com - Shipping a US Spec A3 To Germany
    No import duty taxes as long as I own it in Germany for one year A new A3 in Germany is about the same price in Euros as it is here in USD, therefore with the exchange rate a $30k A3 in the US costs about $40k in Germany I'm estimating it will cost me about $4k to get the car to Germany and cover the conversion costs ($2k shipping + $2k lights)
  • Chinese Mafia Issues Illuminati a Warning - Page 2
    "Since I am a peace-loving, laid-back Canadian suddenly put in a situation of great responsibility, I feel I must act as a servant of the weakest people and creatures on the planet I have also been negotiating in secret with the Illuminati in the hopes of arranging for them to cede power without any bloodshed in exchange for a general amnesty

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